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How to Write Attention Grabbing Headlines that Engage Your Customers

Written by adminCGT on .

Attention grabbing headlines are key to engaging with your customers, particularly so online, as people read news and articles differently on the web and in emails to printed material. How ever they come across your news or article, be it through natural searches, as a returning visitor or PPC advertising, online readers will focus to a far greater extent on the headline.

Your headline needs to grab their attention in order to draw them in to reading what you have published. If your headline does not grab their attention, then they won’t read what you have written and you will have wasted the opportunity and your time!

1. Make sure your headline has a Purpose

Most writers forget to include in their headlines the core detail of what the article is all about. For instance ‘how to write attention grabbing headlines’. What is the purpose or target of this headline?

Think about who or what you are speaking about and make sure you include a purpose or target.

So, with for example the headline “How to write attention grabbing headlines” instead use:

‘How to write attention grabbing headlines that engage customers
‘How to write attention grabbing headlines to increase sales
‘How to write attention grabbing headlines to gain new clients

Adding a purpose gives your article direction but it makes it more appealing.

2. Make your headline more Specific

To make your headline even more powerful be more specific. Include appropriate descriptive words. For example,:

‘How to write attention grabbing headlines that engage your customers’
‘How to write attention grabbing headlines to increase autumn sales’
‘How to write attention grabbing headlines to gain new high net worth clients’

Adding both a purpose and being specific will have the additional benefit of making the article easier for you to write and prevent you going off at a tangent. Your target audience will be more focused because they will be reading an article that delivers exactly what it says in the headline.

3. Keep your Headline Short.

Make sure that your headline does not exceed 14 words and that it fits onto one line. Otherwise it will become visually unattractive and difficult to read, not to mention confusing. This can be achieved by making sure your headline focuses on one topic only. If necessary, use sub-headings to expand on the concept. So, avoid having too much of a good thing. Keep your headline short and focused on the point in question.