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Tina Rowe-Dunn

Tina Rowe-Dunn – Designer and Creative Director

Tina Rowe-DunnTina Rowe-Dunn

Tina was formerly trained as a Graphic Designer at Croydon and Epson School of Art. After gaining a few years of experience heading up the graphics and marketing department at a publishing house. She then started her own design business in 1982.

Over the following years, she built up the design and marketing side of the company, predominantly servicing corporate and SMEs. In 1992 she added into the companies services,  multi-media training across a range of software applications on both Apple Macs (the original designer’s tool) and Windows.

Continuing to practice as a marketing and design consultant on a day-to-day basis. Also, during this period, she identified the need to diversify and combine traditional marketing with web-based e-marketing, digital marketing and in particular search engine optimisation. Today, she divides her time between running the business, training and her first love – design.

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