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The Benefits of Digital Magazines

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The benefits of publishing either a digital edition or a digital-only magazine are manyfold.

Digital Readership Market is Growing

While older age groups may still read the paper or a printed magazine while watching TV, for younger adults it is the tablet that has become a second screen for them to use while they watch the TV screen. Young adults in the age bracket 18-34-year-olds tend to adopt new technology before any other age group with one in five visiting Websites from four different devices in a week as do nearly one-quarter of adults aged 35 to 49, according to last year’s Experian’s Report The 2013 Digital Marketer: Life is the Channel.

All of the leading publishers are now taking advantage of the tablet revolution to grow their readership with digital magazines. So don’t miss out on this growing market. If your target audience is in the 18-34 age bracket, it’s a no brainer. You should have already gone digital! If the majority of your readership is in the 50+ bracket and you are not sure whether they are yet ready to give up on your traditional printed magazine, you can still tap into the growing digital trend by first publishing a digital edition of your magazine alongside your printed version. Once you have taken this first step, you can then think about offering value-added services to your digital edition.

Creating a digital edition also has the potential for you to grow your business by tapping into the younger adult market. But just remember that your digital magazine and it’s the content must be capable of being accessed via multiple platforms otherwise key target readers will not be able to read it.

Value-Added Experiences

As the digital readership market continues to grow, along with readers’ willingness to pay for relevant interesting content, digital publications create new opportunities for both advertisers and publishers alike to generate additional revenue by providing Value Added Experiences. These include:

  • The use of panoramic camera techniques and video to draw readers into an article or advert.
  • Digital magazines open up the opportunity for consumers to be able to view TV-style commercials from within the magazine. This opens up new value-added advertising opportunities as their TV-style commercials are no longer restricted in time and space. They are literally available for their consumers to view and share anytime anywhere, at the touch of the screen.
  • Companies and organizations can interact with their customers in new, imaginative ways – you can be with your customer in the lounge, kitchen, garden etc.
  • Tablets provide the digital magazine reader with alternative experiences with fully interactive content.
  • Digital editions can be created and published in an app store and downloaded as an app from your company website for viewing on tablets and smartphones.

As a result of the new integration of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite with Adobe Experience Manager (both now end of life) publishing to mobile devices and the web has now become more streamlined

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