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10 Tips to Improve Returning Visitor Rates

Returning Visitors Returning visitors already know the basics about your site. Help them learn more, have a richer experience, and convert faster by targeting a different experience after their first visits. For example, you might replace instructional or introductory language with more relevant content on a second visit based on what you want them to do next. Frequent Converters For frequent converters, give them targeted rewards – these visitors are the most valuable, and it pays to engage them more effectively. Or, encourage infrequent purchasers to convert again by identifying them...

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How to Turn Mobile Visitors into Repeat Customers

Mobile optimisation is key to turning your mobile visitors into repeat customers. But what do I need to consider when looking to turn mobile visitors into repeat customers? The following tips will help: Make every Mobile Inter­ac­tion Count Mobile interactions present businesses with the opportunity to connect with customers, employees and stakeholders in ways not thought possible a few years ago. Increasingly companies are developing apps for both external and internal use. Whether help­ing some­one find a car ser­vice cen­ter or recommended restaurant in the vicinity­...

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