We love what we do - it's our Passion!


In-Person or online, we can mentor you on a range of topics in timed sessions on demand, from one to four hours to several sessions over a period of time as required.

You choose which discipline and software and we arrange dedicated sessions for you or your team.


We offer a full consultancy service that can provide your company or business with the full benefit of our impartial but informed advice.

We have found this to be especially helpful for businesses about to make decisions on:

  • purchasing software or hardware
  • training staff on specific software
  • embarking on a new project, such as developing a website or needing to edit & take control of their own site etc.
  • carrying out in-house marketing
  • building courses to train your staff on specific topics

Some companies initially spend money on applications, not knowing if these will really address the issues they have and/or without the creative skills training it takes to ensure that their staff are productive from day one!

We can help! We have extensive experience over many years of being able to identify and recommend the most suitable business solutions.

We Have Many Years working in Design & Marketing

  • 1992

    We started a new arm to our existing desgin business. Computer Graphics Training - built on our passion for design and wanting to pass on our experience and skills.

  • 2010

    Several key specialists join the training to offer Audio, Video and Digital Marketing courses.

  • 2014

    Moved offices to an especially built air-conditioned Studio, designed to provide an ideal meeting and training space for up to 4 - 6 people.

  • 2016

    In addition to offering Scheduled Group courses, but with increasing demand for skills training to meet specific work objectives, we decided to focus on Tailored one to one and online courses where relevant and focused training could be provided. 

  • 2019

    Launched On-Demand Mentoring. On-Line or On-Site, you the client can pick the time and date you want a help or advice from a minimum of one hour to a whole day.

Quality runs through every workshop, from every trainer to every piece of equipment.

Tina Rowe-Dunn

About Us

Computer Graphics Training have been providing software training courses, consultancy and graphic design services to a diverse range of companies for over 25 years.