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How to Turn Mobile Visitors into Repeat Customers

Written by adminCGT on .

Mobile optimisation is key to turning your mobile visitors into repeat customers. But what do I need to consider when looking to turn mobile visitors into repeat customers? The following tips will help:

Make every Mobile Inter­ac­tion Count

Mobile interactions present businesses with the opportunity to connect with customers, employees and stakeholders in ways not thought possible a few years ago. Increasingly companies are developing apps for both external and internal use.

Whether help­ing some­one find a car ser­vice cen­ter or recommended restaurant in the vicinity­ or enabling potential customers to tak­e advan­tage of a pro­mo­tion being offered in a nearby shop, location-based targeting, also sometimes referred to as geo tar­get­ing, is one of the most effec­tive, yet still underused, opportunities available to engage mobile cus­tomers and present them with a ‘call to action’.


According to a recently published Forbes Insights Report – The Connected Marketer: How Apps are Engaging Customers, Partners and Employees, user-friendliness is the greatest challenge for marketers. The major challenge seen by marketing executives is the ability to design user-friendly interfaces for their apps, to keep end-users interested and returning to the app. Design is key, which is why in many companies it is marketeers who are designing the apps, with assistance from their IT teams, rather than the other way round. This is because marketing managers tend to have a better grasp of what their customers want as they are customer-facing.

Improve and Enhance a Service based on real feedback

Tai­lor your mobile app devel­op­ment and mar­ket­ing strate­gies in response to chang­ing customer and tech­nol­ogy needs. Listen to customer reviews, feedback, complaints, praise and continually improve and iterate your apps.

Many companies rely on their own internal Marketing and IT teams to develop their own apps in-house because they find that this reduces not only the time to mar­ket for the apps and their updates but also helps keep a lid on their app devel­op­ment costs.

Exclusive Content

In order to engage with your customers and grow brand loyalty, consider making more services and content available exclusively through your apps. Increasingly, apps are no longer simply replicating the same material found on websites; they are becoming channels in their own right.

Automate Internal Workflows

Build a con­tent mar­ket­ing or edi­to­r­ial work­flow strat­egy that focuses on driving com­pet­i­tive advan­tage. Within this strategy look to auto­mate inter­nal work­flows to publish edi­to­r­ial con­tent simultaneously across print, media, and Web. Exploiting the advantages of such an inte­grated plat­form will result in increased effi­ciency and productivity.