• Learn to create & deliver
    Powerful Presentations!

  • Create Infographics that visually communicate.

  • Learn to use all the features of Acrobat.

  • Learn Photoshop elements and enhance your documents with images you create.

Presentation and Business Courses

Business courses include a range of standard office software used in today's workplace but some with a unique focus  - delivering beautifully designed and informative documents.

Participants are encouraged to bring documents or projects they need to produce to learn productive ways of working whether it's for a presentation or simply to work more efficiently. Our Business Skills courses are designed to equip you with all the essential skills you need to work in a todays workplace.

All of our Business Skills trainers are experts in their field and have a wealth of knowledge and experience from working in professional business environments, so you know you are in safe hands.

Choose from:

Powerful Presentations


Most Presentations are unimaginative text based docments that do little to inspire the intended audience. On this 1 or 2 day course you will learn tips on how to liven up your presentation with infographics and smart imagery which, not only communicate your message, it will inspire your audience.

Infographics Primer


This one day course is aimed at those who want to source and use Infographics to communicate sometimes complex data in presentations and documents for print and web.

Infographics + Powerpoint


This one day course is aimed at those who want to create original Infographics whilst using Microsoft Powerpoint. The Infographics one day course will teach you to create icons and symbols and source compelling inforaphics to use in Powerpoint.

Infographics + Illustrator Primer


This course is aimed at those who want to design and create original Infographics using Adobe Illustrator. You will learn the basics or Illustrator and create icons, symbols and source compelling inforaphics to use in presentations and for print and web.

Adobe Acobat DC


Adobe Acrobat is a powerful, cross-platform publishing tool for electronic or on-line distribution for all types of documents and incorporates a host of features that can secure and track delivery of these portable documents (PDF's).

Adobe Photoshop Elements


On this Adobe Photoshop Elements training course you will learn how to use this excellent programme to Create, Edit and Share your images, be they photographs, pictures, logos or illustrations. This Adobe software is even a great tool to use to catalogue all your photos!

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