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Make Your Website a Lead Generating Machine

Written by adminCGT on .

A website that has been designed with the visitor in mind can easily become a lead generation machine.

If a website is focused solely upon your company/organisation, you may potentially lose any visitors that have accidentally come across it. However, a website that has been designed with the visitor in mind can easily become a lead generation machine.

When designing your website, think about these ideas:

  • People are normally interested only in their personal needs and wants. Subconsciously they’re viewing your website and thinking, “There are hundreds of companies just like you. What are you going to do for me? For me what makes you any better than the others?”
  • People enjoy being entertained. If they consider your website is providing interesting information, not only will you have them hooked but they are more likely to recommend your website to their friends/colleagues.
  • People want their opinions valued. This is why most companies have incorporated a blog, forums and even visitor surveys-so their customers can put in their two penny worth.
  • And this is the ticket for generating leads for your business: visitors want to do something.

Give your visitors something to do. Give them something free to download. Offer a free report or whitepaper. Ask for their opinion on a blog entry. Ask them to complete a short survey.

Do something, anything, and once the person responds, you “Require” some or all of the following information: name, address, phone number, and email. Guess what you just got? A qualified lead. Qualified because they stayed on your site long enough to take action.

These days most visitors to your website are quite relaxed about giving out their email address but may be more reticent when it comes to their address and phone number, so depending on your products and target audience you will need to give careful consideration as to how essential/relevant this additional information actually is to your marketing campaign. If it is not relevant don’t request it, as you could potentially put visitors off registering and then you have lost a potential lead.