Making a Website more Profitable

If you have a website the chances are it’s not making you much money. Because statistically, some 90% of businesses websites DON’T make money but have the potential to do so. The truth is, making your website pay its way is not quite as simple as you might believe. Here’s...

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Make Your Website a Lead Generating Machine

A website that has been designed with the visitor in mind can easily become a lead generation machine. If a website is focused solely upon your company/organisation, you may potentially lose any visitors that have accidentally come across it. However, a website that has been designed with the visitor...

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How to Design Banner Ads

Some things to think about when designing your banner ads. Banner Ads - Common Elements Dimensions Byte size – many specify under 40k Clickable – always have a call to action Background Logo (ideally) Type of Banner Ad Static Animated gifs, notably the Blinking or Flashing...

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8 tips for Effective Website Copywriting

Content is one of the most valuable things you can focus on during development of your website. Consider each page of your website an opportunity to capture or lose your audience. If a web page has paragraph after paragraph of text, many visitors won't bother to begin reading. There are various other...

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The Six Basic Pages Every Website Should Have

There are 6 basic pages each business website should have, most of which are required by law. Not having them may result in visitors to your site becoming suspicious and quickly going elsewhere, leading to the loss of potential new customers. Terms and Conditions/Terms of Service Any good business...

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