The Truth About Testimonials

Who is the easiest person in the world to sell to? That's an easy question to answer, yet one most business owners, unfortunately never ask themselves. You see...the easiest person to sell to is one you've sold to before. It's someone who already trusts you, someone, who's already had a "Wow" experience...

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Adobe Acrobat and its Role in Document Management

Some SME's, that did not legally require to have document management systems in place, originally bought into the idea of becoming ISO 9001 registered on the basis that having such a system in place would help them access new markets and build customer confidence. Many felt that implementing...

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How to Find, Target and Engage Your Customers Effectively

Find your Customers Most businesses already have at their fingertips a free source of customer data which is either under-used or not used effectively. This includes data from both sales and enquiries that have been made. Other sources of free data include suppliers and business contacts from events...

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