Mobile Responsive Websites

Five key pointers to help drive traffic to your website in the mobile age.

1. Make your homepage count

First impressions are key. Keep your website simple, approachable, and invitingly presented and keep text short, sweet and to the point. Too much text will put people off.

2. Know your customers

Using analytics tools, like Google Analytics, you can build up a vivid picture of who your customers are, what they like and what they don’t, so you can tailor your website.

3. Know your competitors

Success is about doing things better than others in the market, making the experience for your potential customers as efficient and satisfying as possible. So, research what others are doing well and what they could be doing better.

4. Stay on top of it

Fresh and relevant content is what we all look for when searching online and it’s no different for search engines. And as these deliver your potential customers, you need to be as appealing as possible.

5. Build a mobile responsive version

Normal websites don’t always look right on mobile devices and can be awkward to navigate. By having a mobile responsive version of your website, anyone visiting the site from a handheld device is automatically able to view clearly laid out information, together with mobile-convenient features, like click to call buttons, maps to your location etc.

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