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How to Make your Email Signature Attractive to Potential Clients

Email signatures can be powerful attractors to gaining new clients but most companies do not make best use of them.

How to make your videos more effective

Too often, companies are not making the most of the opportunities that video advertising offers, especially when it come to digital marketing, including the use of video for marketing for mobile devices.

Use of the @ Symbol

Called the “snail” by Italians and the “monkey tail” by the Dutch, @ is the sine qua non of electronic communication, thanks to e-mail addresses and Twitter handles.

How to Turn Mobile Visitors into Repeat Customers

Mobile optimisation is key to turning your mobile visitors into repeat customers. But what do I need to consider when looking to turn mobile visitors into repeat customers?

The Benefits of Digital Magazines

The benefits to publishing either a digital edition or a digital only magazine are many fold.

Changing Default Geospatial Measurements in Acrobat Pro.

Did you know you can change the default geospatial measurement markup settings within Acrobat Pro?

Acrobat Pro and its Role in Document Management

Acrobat Pro is more than just a PDF. It can help many businesses, large and small, with their document management.

10 Tips to Improve Returning Visitor Rates

We often get asked for help on how to improve returning visitor experience and encourage them to buy or take an action on your website. There are are number of approaches to this because we are all different!