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Where To Use Your Keyword Phrases

Keyword stuffing – overuse of keywords - creates copy that turns people off and may even bring a penalty from the search engines. So how can keyword phrases be incorporated seamlessly into website copy so that it pleases both your visitors and the search engines? In his article?

Natural Searches versus Pay Per Click

When beginning to optimize a web site a common issue is should one use paid searches such as AdWords or is one better to rely on natural searches. What are the differences, benefits and potential drawbacks of each?

How to Design your Banner Ads

Some things to think about when designing your banner ads.

What are Photoshop Smart Filters?

Photoshop Smart Filters are editable filters that you apply and can later make changes to. You can apply one or more filters to your image, then re-open the filter dialog and change the smart filter settings. So do these actions affect the image quality?

Six Basic Pages Every Website Should Have

There are 6 basic pages every website should have, most of which are required by law. Not having them may result in visitors to your site becoming suspicious and quickly going elsewhere, leading to the loss of potential new customers.

What's the Difference between Remarketing and Retargeting?

One of the biggest sources of confusion is the difference between retargeting and remarketing.