Common E-mail Marketing Problems

These days you are not sending emails to customers who all use the same email software - optimise your email for all client software and increasingly - mobile devices.

E-mail Newsletters - Common Problems

A number of small to medium sized businesses are increasingly using e-mail templates to create e-mail newsletters to target their customers. These newsletters can vary from the very basic to those having graphic rich content. However, increasingly, we are finding that these e-mail newsletters are not laid out to best advantage and indeed, in a number of cases, could actually be putting your customers off.

There is nothing more frustrating to a potential customer that the common problems of receiving e-mails, including HTML ones, that either:

  • Do not display properly,
  • Have cut-off subject lines,
  • Are badly laid out,
  • Have broken links or
  • Have links to online newsletters that do not open or
  • Have links to PDF documents that do not open correctly and display gobbledegook.

In this last instance, the problem usually lies with the fact that the PDF has not been set up properly to display with different browsers.

Just because an online newsletter or a linked PDF opens correctly in Internet Explorer or Firefox, does not mean it will open correctly with Safari and visa versa. Believe me, even large well-known and respected organisations and companies are not immune to these common problems, which are easy to overcome, if they had had either the correct training or guidance when setting up their e-mail campaigns.

All of the above problems can easily be overcome by having a carefully designed template that has been populated with text and then tested extensively with different browsers and e-mail clients before being used.

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