What are Photoshop Smart Filters?

Photoshop Smart Filters are editable filters that you apply and can later make changes to. You can apply one or more filters to your image, then re-open the filter dialog and change the smart filter settings. So do these actions affect the image quality?

Light Matters - The Fine Art of Printing

Light matters. It’s important to understand the influence of light: how to control it, how to compensate when you can’t, and what the limits are.

The Fine Art of Inkjet Printing

Today's digital files need to be high resolution to hold crisp detail and smooth gradation. But did you know that the resolution in digital files and for digital printers isn’t always the same.

Photoshop Beginners Tips 1

Some quick tips to get you started in Photoshop

Channels in colour

Did you ever wonder why colour channels are black and white?

Photoshop Colour Information

As users push their skills levels from beginner through intermediate to advanced, they also tend to shift the adjustments they use on their images. Beginners start with adjustments that are easy to understand and use, but that may be limited in functionality. As users become more proficient, they’re more willing to give up some ease of use to gain versatility.

A Few Photoshop Tricks

Anti-aliasing, Feathering, use of the Quick Mask and Refine Edge tools are the subjects of this tutorial.

Anti-aliasing refines the edge of a curved selection to make it look relatively smooth. Anti-aliasing, like other selection refinements, don't show up in the default marching ants’ view of a selection boundary. To demonstrate anti-aliasing in Photoshop, we need to use a workaround.


Photoshop Quick Tips 4

Part 4 of this Photoshop Quick Tips Tutorial covers:

  • Applying a custom warp
  • Chameleon Keystrokes
  • Smart Objects
  • Things to watch out for when adding layers

Photoshop Quick Tips 3

Part three of this turorial includes how to:

  • Open JPEG in RAW
  • Drag, Black and White
  • Add canvas using Crop
  • Duplicate/Delete layers simultaneously
  • Make sepia tones quickly
  • and much more.

More tips on the use of other quick keystrokes are also covered.