How to Get More Visitors to your Website

How to get more visitors to your website is something that often vexes small businesses. But it is not simply a matter of getting more hits. You need your website to be found by the right people at the right time. Whether this is a result of someone using a search engine to find a supplier or through you advertising, using social media channels, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

How to Find, Target and Engage Your Customers Effectively

Find your Customers - Most businesses already have at their finger tips a free source of customer data which is either under-used or not used effectively.

Is your Logo doing your Business Justice - Part 2

Does your logo meet all your marketing requirements? Or is it blurred or undecipherable at larger or smaller sizes? If so it is not doing your business justice.

The Key to Successful Internet Marketing

Process Optimisation Leads the Way - To make the most of your on-line presence it is no use focusing on just one or two areas, such as Search Engine Optimisation or Social Media.

Writing for the web

The Importance of Great Content

The importance of great content should not be under-estimated. It may now be three years on from Google's first algorithm tweets which changed the ball game, as far as to how your site was ranked by Google but the points mentioned in our news item published at that time "Popularity is the Name of the Game" remain valid. Quality and originality of content still continue to play an important role in the search engine rankings.  

How to Write Attention Grabbing Headlines that Engage Your Customers

Attention grabbing headlines are key to engaging with your customers, particularly so online, as people read news and articles differently on the web and in emails to printed material.

How to Make your Email Signature Attractive to Potential Clients

Email signatures can be powerful attractors to gaining new clients but most companies do not make best use of them.

How to Turn Mobile Visitors into Repeat Customers

Mobile optimisation is key to turning your mobile visitors into repeat customers. But what do I need to consider when looking to turn mobile visitors into repeat customers?