Make Your Presentation Count

Ever get that sinking feeling when listening to a presenter give a presentation which, word for word, is reproduced on their PowerPoint screen presentation?

Don't fall into this same trap. Make your presentation count.

Are You Using QR Codes?

Are QR Codes becoming Old Hat?

In today's rapidly changing technology environment what was tomorrow's latest technology innovation can rapidly become consigned to the rubbish dump.

How to Choose a Web Design Company?

Any Internet Search for a website designer will bring up hundreds, maybe thousands of website designers in any given local area all offering their services. The choice is mind boggling. In Part 1 of our tutorial, How Should I Choose a Web Design Company?, We will help you work out who would be best for you!.

How to Choose a Web Design Company? Part 3

In Part 3 of our tutorial How Should I Choose a Web Design Company? we look at how to go about Creating a Short List of Suitable Web Designers.

Changing Default Geospatial Measurements in Acrobat Pro.

Did you know you can change the default geospatial measurement markup settings within Acrobat Pro?

Acrobat Pro and its Role in Document Management

Acrobat Pro is more than just a PDF. It can help many businesses, large and small, with their document management.

Adobe Acrobat Pro - Why Use Bookmarks?

All too often the use of bookmarks in documents are overlooked. This is particularly so with PDF documents. But why use bookmarks in a PDF, what purpose do they serve?

5 Ways to Encourage Employee Excellence

How you manage your staff  can make all the difference between having poor, satisfactory, and phenomenal employees.