Adobe Acrobat Pro - Why Use Bookmarks?

All too often the use of bookmarks in documents is overlooked. This is particularly so with PDF documents. But why use bookmarks in a PDF, what purpose do they serve? Adobe Acrobat Pro Bookmarks are a valuable tool to enable readers of your PDFs to quickly navigate to a section of a document that...

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Are QR Codes becoming Old Hat?

In today's rapidly changing technology environment what was tomorrow's latest technology innovation can rapidly become consigned to the rubbish dump. Keeping abreast of the relentless rate of progress is becoming increasingly difficult for all businesses working to a tight marketing budget. No sooner...

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Is your logo doing your business justice? - Part 1

Memorable, timeless, versatile, simple and appropriate are five commonly used terms when it comes to logo design which businesses are encouraged to adopt for their logos. But is this always appropriate in every case? Let's consider these five terms in turn. You can then...

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Is your Logo doing your Business Justice - Part 2

Does your logo meet all your marketing requirements? Or is it blurred or undecipherable at larger or smaller sizes? If so it is not doing your business justice. Logo Design - Points to Consider Design to Delivery – Size and shape matter Ever had problems with your marketing literature or...

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Use of the @ Symbol

Although the first documented use of @ was in 1536, the @ symbol did not rise from modern obscurity until 1971. (Illustration by Erik Marinovich) Called the “snail” by Italians and the “monkey tail” by the Dutch, @ is the sine qua non of electronic communication, thanks...

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