Use of the @ Symbol

Although the first documented use of @ was in 1536, the @ symbol did not rise from modern obscurity until 1971. (Illustration by Erik Marinovich) Called the “snail” by Italians and the “monkey tail” by the Dutch, @ is the sine qua non of electronic communication, thanks to e-mail addresses and...

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Breaking Your Email Lists into Segments

In marketing segmentation the total market is divided into submarkets that share characteristics that cause each group to share distinct needs. If done properly each segment will respond in a similar fashion to a given marketing strategy. When applied to email marketing this concept will allow you...

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The Importance of Great Content

The importance of great content should not be under-estimated. It may now sometime since from Google's first algorithm tweets which changed the ball game, as far as to how your site was ranked by Google but the points mentioned in our news item published at that time "Popularity is...

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Search Optimisation - Backlinks

Four pointers to help drive traffic to your website 1. Study Your Competitor’s Links Study your competitor's links and make a list of all the relevant trusted websites from where they are getting backlinks and see if these sites will link to yours. The key here is to ensure that you select...

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Metrics and Other Goals:

Your Roadway to Success "Many people fail in life, not for lack of ability or brains or even courage but simply because they have never organized their energies around a goal."-Elbert Hubbard (writer and artist) Sometimes as a business owner, you become so overwhelmed, the only thing you can do...

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