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How to Choose a Web Design Company? Part 4

Written by adminCGT on .

In Part 4 of our tutorial, How Should I Choose a Web Design Company? we cover some of the questions to ask your shortlisted Web Designers.

Questions to Ask of your Short Listed Designers

Examples of some of the questions to ask your shortlisted Web Designers, include:

  • Do they offer all-inclusive services – hosting, maintenance agreements?
  • Do they offer stage payments?
  • Do they offer monthly payment plans if you take out maintenance/hosting agreements that include the cost of developing the website? Particularly useful to an SMEs cash flow balance, as you spread the cost of the project over say 6 months or a year.
  • Can they assist further down the road with website updates/additions?
  • If appropriate, are they able to set up Merchant Accounts or a shopping cart programme for online sales?
  • Will they submit the site to the major search engines for ranking purposes?
  • Have they any specialist online marketing skills in-house that can be called upon?  including:
    • Website Optimisation – Content, Website Auditing, Keyphrase Ranking and Analysis,
    • Google Adwords marketing?
    • Content writing for news items, articles, marketing campaigns?
    • Social Networking – Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn etc?
    • Customer Tracking?
    • Website Analytics?
    • Email marketing through the website etc.?
  • How have their staff been trained? Are they IT professionals or graphic designers?
  • Any related value-added services that they offer, such as professional photography and video services?
  • Previous experience and examples of websites similar to what you are after?