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Greg Rowe-Dunn

Greg Rowe-Dunn – Print & Production Designer

Greg Rowe-DunnGreg Rowe-Dunn

Greg started working in London for Letraset and then became a Manager for a leading graphics supplies company.

He then trained as a typesetter initially on one of the first computer-based typesetting systems and subsequently, the first WYSIWYG system. In 1991 with two partners, he formed a reprographics and print business in the City of London providing leading corporates such as Capita Group, IIR Conferences and Baring Brothers with high quality print and production.

During this period, he also realised his interest in photography and turned professional and was an early adopter of digital photography. In 2002 he joined CGT to lend his print, conference and photographic expertise to their client offering.

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