Quark to InDesign

Quark to InDesign

InDesign integrates seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat, which have always been the standard "Tools of the Trade". Today, more and more employers are expecting InDesign to be part of the designers skillset. With some arguably superior features to QuarkXpress it's time to embrace the future of digital publishing.

  • What You Will Learn

    • Starting InDesign and Setting Workflow Preferences
    • The Control Palette & Using familiarisation with Tools
    • Differences on working with text, tabs and Tables
    • Importing / Placing Graphics and images
    • The Colour Palette
    • Master Pages & Using the Document Palette
    • Using Style Sheets
    • Exporting and Creating PDF's
    • Using Bridge, Mini-Bridge and Libraries
    • Printing Documents
  • Who Should Attend?

    This Quark to InDesign training course is aimed at:

    Designers, Print and Pre-press Professionals

    Anyone making the transition from Quark Xpress to InDesign.

  • Takeaways

    • Learn the differences between Quark and Indesign
    • To familiarise using the InDesign equivalent tools
    • To work efficiently and productively
    • Convert Quark Documents to InDesign*
    • Integrate Adobe Apps and InDesign

For Quark users, the transition should be a relatively easy one, but this 1 day course will get you upto speed quickly and ensure you leave as confident working within InDesign, as with Quark. The trainer will be both a Quark and InDesign industry expert, so can relate features from one application to another perfectly.