Digital Photography Essentials

Do you want to :

Understand and apply the fundamentals of pro photography?

Learn more about lighting your subject?

Learn how to apply professional retouching techniques to your images?

This digital photography course covers composition and lighting techniques; the technical aspects of photography and what to do with the images once you have cpatured them.

The is customised to individual client's requirements, so can include specialist aspects such as colour management and digital camera profiling.

The training is very much hands-on and you will be taking lots of photos to work with with Photography sessions usually taking place in the grounds (weather permitting) of our training studio. However, depending on the individual's specific goals, we do visit locations nearby of photographic interest.

  • What you will learn

    • Equipment Selection
    • Essential Camera configuration & set up,
    • Choice of software for retouching
    • Image storage decisions
    • Using your DSLR - settings, positioning, lens use etc
    • Making adjustments - ISO, white balance, focusing etc
    • Importing & Retouching images
    • Image preparaton & Processing
    • Importance of Colour Management
    • Start selling or marketing your services

    Attendees should bring with them their current digital camera(s) as they will be taking lots of photos. Don't forget to bring suitable outdoor clothes and, if rain is forecast, wellies!

  • Who should attend?

  • Anyone who is looking to move into professional photography
  • Enthusiasts and budding photographers wanting to improve their existing skills
  • Takeaways

  • A better understanding of composition
  • Understanding the importance of lighting & lighting techniques
  • Appreciation of the technical aspects of photography
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