Adobe Creative Cloud: Design to Delivery

Adobe Creative Cloud: Design to Delivery

The Adobe® Creative Cloud® is the ultimate tool for creative web and print professionals, offering a complete design and publishing solution for both print and the Web. It combines the latest full versions of some of the industry’s most advanced software, all designed to work together so you can create and publish professional-level work while also saving time.

In this course you will learn all the key features in the products within the Creative Suite, with a hands-on walk through of how they work together to take a project from design to print-ready output. Packed full of real-world tips and techniques this is the ideal training to understand its complete range of publishing functionality. If required, students can also cover developing a project for the Web. 

We include modules on design principles for those new to Graphic Design.

  • What you will learn

    A comprehensive overview of working with the 4 principles print design applications of the Creative Cloud including:

    • Design Principles using CC
    • Adobe Workflow & Integration
    • Design & Layout documents with InDesign
    • Crop & Retouch Photos in Photoshop
    • How to create scaleable vector graphics
    • How to design logos with Illustrator
    • Export and share documents with Acrobat
    • Create multi-purpose documents for print and web

    combined with

    • Graphic Design Theory and Application
    • Colour fundamentals
    • Using typography to communicate
    • Preparing for Print

    There is an optional section covering Web Design with Adobe Muse part of the Creative Cloud.

  • Course Outline

    Building Blocks of CC

    Building Blocks of Creative Cloud
    Adobe CC Workflow
    New Features

    Integration & the Creative Cloud

    What is the Creative Cloud?
    Creative Cloud Files
    Adobe Stock Photos
    Creative Cloud Libraries
    Creative Cloud for Business

    Adobe Bridge

    Asset Creation and General Setup
    Creating Favourites folders in Bridge
    Selecting a colour profile in Bridge
    Mini-Bridge for Photoshop & InDesign 
    or CC Libraries

    Design Theory

    Understanding Colour
    Internation (Pantone) Colour Guides
    Using and selecting colours for design
    Introducing Adobe Color
    Importance of Good Typography
    Corporate Branding and Logos
    Typography to communicate
    Printing & Pre-Press Considerations

    Adobe InDesign

    Design, Layout & Publish Documents
    Setting up a Document
    InDesign Preferences
    Working with text frames
    Formatting text
    Adding placeholder text
    Importing text
    Flowing Text
    Clipping Paths & Text Wrap
    Creating graphic frames & shapes
    Placing & working with imported graphics
    Image Links
    Importing & setting up colour swatches
    Creating and applying styles
    Inline graphics
    Print Settings & Printing Proofs
    Preflight, Package & Print
    Publishing Documents
    Exporting PDFs

    Adobe Photoshop

    Opening and Saving an image
    Crop an image
    Fundamentals of Photoshop
    Using the Selection Tools
    Making Selections
    Visual Editing Tools
    Retouching Tools & methods
    Colour Modes & Image Adjustments
    Adjusting and Retouching
    Using Smart Objects
    Using Filters
    Making Selections
    Working with Layers
    Benefits of using Layers
    Creating layer comps
    Non-destructed Editing with Adjustment Layers
    Layer Styles
    Creating & Exporting Paths
    File Formats for print & web
    Photoshop automation
    Preparing web graphics

    Adobe Illustator

    Exploring Illustrator
    The Tools Overview
    The Workspace
    Vector Graphics Benefits
    Creating & working with layers
    Working with artboards
    Defining & using colour swatches
    Applying colours & swatches
    Exporting and importing colours
    Adding guides, graphics & clipping masks
    Create & Format Text
    Adobe Touch Text
    Drawing tools
    Creating Shapes with Shapebuilder
    Working with brushes and symbols
    Using Illustrator with Photoshop
    Create Logos & Illustrators
    Tracing artwork
    Illustrator for packaging & signage
    Illustrator or Textiles
    Create Patterns & Textures

    Adobe Acrobat

    Submitting Work for Review
    Saving the file for online review
    Setting up an e-mail based review
    Adding comments in a review
    Marking up documents
    Tracking comments
    Text touch up within Acrobat
    Encrypt and secure a PDF
    Digitally sign PDF for secure transmission
    Track & Send
    Create Online Forms with Acrobat **

    Preparing for Print

    Print Considerations
    Commercial Printing Overview
    Illustrator Outlines
    Trapping & Output Preview

    Working on the Go*

    Using Adobe Apps with CC
    Designing with a tablet / iPad
    Adobe Comp - Create Layouts on the Go
    Transfer to Indesign and Complete Layout
    Adobe Illustrator Draw
    Adobe Capture - Capture & Create for Adobe CC
    Adobe Photoshop Fix, Mix & Express

    Digital Design for Online Delivery

    Introduction & Considerations
    Add interactive elements
    Sideshows, audio, video
    Creating PDFs (Interactive)
    Publish Online

    Course Overview & Discussion Session

    *Requires Adobe Apps. plus an Apple IPad, iPhone or Tablet.
    ** Acrobat CC on 5 day course only. 

  • Who should attend?

    Anyone who wishes to produce professional looking marketing literature using the graphics professionals choice of tools for print and digital publishing.

    • Graphic Designers and Artworkers
    • Printers & Production Manager
    • Journalists & Editors
    • Marketing Personnel
    • Business Owners
    • Publishing Companies
    • Digital Publishers
    • Ideal for anyone wanting to create professional artwork for print.
  • Takeaways

    Participants will learn all the key features in the products within the Creative Suite, with a hands-on walk through of how they work together to take a project from design to print-ready output.

    Packed full of real-world tips and techniques this is the ideal training to understand its complete range of publishing functionality.

    You can see what is included in the Creative Cloud at from where you can also download a 30 day trial.

    Please call us for any advice on 01732 833 004.

  • Goals

    Our goal is to make sure the training course meets your objectives, not ours. Therefore, all of our outlines are treated as guides to help steer the workshop. We may change or alter course topics to best suit the classroom situation or updates to the software, as appropriate. 

    Throughout the course the emphasis is on practical, hands-on learning with a series of exercises in each subject designed to consolidate new skills and build confidence. Course attendees are encouraged to bring with them samples of the type of work they wish to produce and is ideal for one or small groups of up to four people.

    We realise the importance of education and take pride in being able to offer you classes that are custom fit to your needs. Call us at 01732 833004 if you have any special questions or e-mail us.

  • Testimonials

    The pace is ideal and is exactly what I was looking for. The classroom very modern and extremely well equipped. One to one-training excellent!


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