• Learn graphic design theory & practice.

  • Adobe InDesign helps you combine graphics, illustration & images with ease!

  • Create corporate branding & leaflets that communicate effectively.

  • Learn all about colour for use in print and web design

  • Graphic Design on the go!

Graphic Design Courses

The Design training courses have been created to kick start your entry to the Graphic Design world. Whether it is learning productive layout and artwork techniques or producing professionally designed graphics for print and marketing, there is a course or a combination course designed for you.

Whether you are an aspiring designer or professional working with design, our courses have been created for you.

Choose from:

Adobe Creative Cloud Design to Delivery

Five Days

This Adobe Create Cloud Design to Delivery course offers the complete design and publishing solution for print design publishing.

Adobe InDesign Essentials


Adobe InDesign is a robust and intuitive design and layout application.You will learm how to can create professional artwork for newsletters, brochures, mailers, adverts or any other kind of document for print and online delivery.

Adobe InDesign Advanced


This tailored course will enhance existing Adobe InDesign users experience and levels of productivity. You will use InDesign's more advanced tools and features to allow you to create complex and sophisticated documents that can be created for both print and web.

Graphic Design Primer

One Day

The Graphic Design Primer teaches the theory & principals of good graphic design. It is aimed at those who have no formal Graphic Design training and want to use design, typography and colour effectively in the workplace.

Graphic Design + Indesign Essentials

Three Days

This course is aimed at those who need to use design in their work but have no formal design training. You will learn essential design skills covering colour, typography, how to take and work up a brief and combine these new design skills by using Adobe InDesign to produce professional level artwork and layouts.

Graphic Design +
MS Office Essentials

Two Days

This course is aimed at those who need to use design in their work place but have no formal design training. You will learn essential design skills to create layout for documents using your choice of software from the Microsoft Office Suite. We recommend Publisher if available or Microsoft Word.

Infographics + Powerpoint


This one day course is aimed at those who want to create original Infographics whilst using Microsoft Powerpoint. The Infographics one day course will teach you to create icons and symbols and source compelling inforaphics to use in Powerpoint.

Quark to InDesign


This Quark to InDesign training course is a short intensive workshop to provide a quick transition from QuarkXpress to InDesign.

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