Graphic Design Essentials

Graphic Design Essentials

The Graphic Design for Business Course has been designed to teach the principles of Graphic Design together with the practical application using Adobe InDesign. You will learn the essential skills every Graphic Designer uses and learn how to design documents for Print, Marketing and Web Design. 

Expert techniques and pracatical exercises are used to reinforce your design skills, or you can use your own real world project as the focus for the training. 

This graphic design training course will be given by an industry expert who can pass on hints and tips and explain some of the specific terms used within the design and print industry.

  • What You Will Learn

    • Design Fundamentals
    • Understanding Colour
    • Importance of Typography
    • Graphic Design Essentials
    • Designing Logos & Branding
    • Web Design Considerations
    • Printing Primer
    • Tools of the Trade


    • Adobe InDesign Primer
    • Creating Layouts
    • Design Graphics
    • Import & work with photos
  • Course Outline

  • Who Should Attend?

    Aimed at anyone who needs to use graphics and design in their work but has no formal design training.

    This includes marketing professionals, small business owners and managers, printers and even practising designers who want to brush up on their skills. 


  • Takeaways

    • Comprehensive Course Notes
    • Skills to produce your own documents
    • Post training e-mail support 

    Graphic Design Essentials Cover

  • Testimonials

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