Course Discounts

Group Discounts

If you are booking two or more delegates onto the same course on the same date(s), the following discounts are available:

Two 10%
Three 15%
Four 20%

Charity Discounts

Public & Private Courses

We know what a difference you're making so we want to say thank you by offering you 15% off your course.

If you are a UK registered charity, please let us know your registered charity number when you book.

Self-funder Discounts

Public & Private Courses

If you are freelancer or personally funding your training then we would like to extend a helping hand by offering you 15% off the price of any course. Just remember to tell us when you book your course to take advantage of our self-funder discount.

VIP Client Discounts

Public & Private Courses

We like to offer repeat and loyal customers a VIP training discount. If, like the Deloitte Consulting, Spreckly PR, Hildenoaks, Countrystyle, or Express Newspapers you choose Computer Graphics Training as your preferred training provider, we will work with you to come up with a bespoke pricing structure to suit your training budget.

Volume Discounts

Public & Private Courses

If you have a number of people from your company or team who want to attend training courses on multiple dates or you yourself wish to attend a range of courses over the next twelve months then our flexible Volume Discount is for you.

Spend    Discount
£2,500 + VAT        7.5%
£4,500 + VAT        15%
£7,000 + VAT        20%