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Adobe Acrobat- Changing the default distance unit

Changing Default Geospatial Measurements in Acrobat DC

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Not only can you change the default geospatial measurement markup settings within Acrobat Pro from miles to kilometres but from miles to nautical miles, metres or feet. You can even change the Latitude and Longitude readings from degrees and decimals to degrees, minutes and seconds; areas from square miles to acres, hectares etc.

To change the default setting from miles to feet, go to Preferences under Acrobat, then scroll down to Measuring (Geo), select this. Then scroll down to the use default distance unit and select feet from the drop-down list, which is accessible by clicking on the arrows alongside the default setting – miles. As shown below, your new choice will then appear highlighted in blue. Just click OK to save.

Adobe Acrobat- Changing the default distance unit

Similarly, to change the default area unit from square miles to acres, square kilometres etc, simply select your required unit from the drop-down list, accessible from the arrows alongside the current setting and click OK:

Adobe Acrobat -Changing the default area unit

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