• Mobile Graphic Design

    Graphic Design on the go!

  • The Angel Leaflet

    Adobe InDesign helps you combine graphics, illustration and images with ease!

  • Graphic Design for Business

    Learn graphic design theory & practice.

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    Learn all about colour for use in print and web design.

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    Create corporate branding & leaflets that communicate effectively

  • Mobile Graphic Design

    Graphic Design on the go!

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is a robust and intuitive design and layout application. With Indesign you can create professional artwork for newsletters, brochures, mailers, adverts or any other kind of document for print and online delivery.

The Adobe InDesign courses have been created to kick start or enhance your skills. Whether it is learning productive layout and artwork techniques or producing professionally designed graphics for print or web we offer a range course designed for you.

Choose from:

Adobe InDesign Primer

One Day

This Primer course is designed to give you a basic working knowledge of using Adobe InDesign, practically.

Adobe InDesign Essentials

Two Days

This introductory course is designed to give a new user a working knowledge of the essential tools eed to efficiently create layouts and cocuments with Adobe InDesign.

Adobe InDesign Masterclass

Three Days

This course covers all the essential tools of Adobe InDeisgn and takes your skill leve; from Zero to Intermediate level. Ideal for those starting from scratch and who wish to become immediatly productive.

Adobe InDesign Advanced

Two Days

This course will enhance your existing Adobe InDesign skills and take them to a new levels of productivity. You will use InDesign's more advanced tools and features to allow you to create complex and sophisticated documents that can be created for both print and web.

Adobe Indesign & Photoshop Essentials

Two DAYs

This two day course provides a comprehensive introduction to Adobe InDesign together with a primer on Photoshop. Ideal for those new to producing layouts that incorporate type, graphics and image content.

Adobe Indesign & Illustrator Essentials

Three Days

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to both Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.

Quark to InDesign

one Day

This course provides an intensive workshop to provide anyone who has been using Quark to quickly transition to InDesign.

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