Facebook's Declining Organic Reach

Facebook Zero Edges Ever Closer

According to a recent article published by Matt Kapko on CIO - Facebook's Declining Organic Reach a 'Real Nightmare' for Marketers - due to continuing tweaks to Facebook's algorithms, the organic reach of brand pages are expected to decline further and faster than the current rate. Facebook Zero, as marketers are calling the point at which Facebook's Organic Reach drops to zero percent, could be with us sooner than expected.

The slowdown in Facebook's Organic Reach is not a new phenonemon. However, over the past few months reports have surfaced indicating the decline has sharpened. The organic reach of brand pages declined by 49% over a four month period to around 6% in February this year, according to recent research of more than 100 brand pages carried out by Ogilvy. Brands with over 500,000 likes had a 2.11% organic reach in February, down from 4.04% over the same period. The industry is now facing up to the reality of what they are terming Facebook Zero and the fact that that day is looming ever closer.

There is quite a lot of concern and disillusionment out there with Facebook, as a number of marketers are also concerned that Facebook's paid for ads are not generating any meaningful ROI. Likes are all very well but as the saying goes - you pay for what you get. It seems that quality is still better than quantity when it comes to Facebook likes and your ROI. Like with your Google Adwords campaigns, where you can create re-targeting lists and sub-lists, you should also be aiming to deliver content to your Facebook followers that is relevant, as well as your non-followers, by creating sub-divided community lists. This way you can target those that are genuinely interested in your products or services and help improve your ROI.

However, most important of all, don't put your eggs all in one basket when it comes to your social media strategy, as you could end up loosing out. Make sure your social media strategy incorporates other social media sites that are relevant to your business.

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  • Sunday, 30 October 2016

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