Adobe Captivate 8 - eLearning Goes Mobile

With the launch of Adobe Captivate 8 mLearning has finally arrived and opens up personalised education to whole new markets, as learners are now able to learn anywhere and anytime.

On 20 May Adobe announced the release of their eLearning authorising software, Adobe Captivate 8. This latest release now streamlines and simplifies the process for all those involved in creating eLearning material for use on multiple devices through the use of responsive content without the need for them to master complicated programming. Through the use of Captivate 8 authors can also take advantage of the GPS technology embedded in mobile devices to deliver location-aware content to learners, with the software automatically delivered as the most appropriate experience for that learner's mobile device.

This not only opens up the eLearning market by making it easy for trainers and educators to create interactive eLearning content with added capabilities but also to mobile users.  Mobile users can now access and use this content with ease from any mobile device, taking full advantage of the technology offered by their specific mobile device to tap, scroll or swipe through the course content.

In Adobe's Press Release, Tridib Roy Chowdhury, Adobe's General Manager and Senior Director of Products states that "While the demand for mobile learning content is growing exponentially, usage is low. In part, this is because of the effort and programming skills required to make a course suitable for mobile devices.”

With the release of Adobe Captivate 8, Adobe have addressed  the long awaited needs of authors of eLearning content for responsive eLearning software that enables them to create, with ease, interactive courses for display on multiple devices. Tutors and Educators are now able to tap into the vaste potential growth area of mLearning without the need for complicated and time consuming programming.

The key features of this new release include:

  • Create multiscreen, responsive eLearning content,
  • Makes use of device-specific mobile capabilities,
  • Use one tool for all eLearning needs
  • Maximize productivity with out-of-the-box assets like drag-and-drop, responsive themes etc

For further information on the capabilities of Adobe Captivate 8 check out Adobe's blog: The All New Adobe Captivate 8 Blends Authoring Ease with Game-Changing Mobile Support

  • Thursday, 22 May 2014

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