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Adwords – Boost your Return on Investment

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Is your Google AdWords Campaign not giving you the Return on Investment that you had expected or hoped for? Don’t be surprised. It is no use just throwing money at your Google Adwords campaign and hoping for the best.

Maximising your return on investment takes time, patience, persistence and moreover testing, testing and yet more testing. However, there are a couple of quick and easy ways that you can take to help you keep on top of your budget and improve your return on investment.

One of these is through the use of AdWords extensions which help:

  • Improve your ad placement – reports indicate that a recent Google Ad Rank algorithm update seems to favour AdWord extensions so improvements to your ad placements can be expected.
  • Generate a lower-Price Per Click rate and so makes your budget go further.
  • Give users more ways of finding you.

Some Top Google Adwords Extensions

There are many possible extensions that you could use but which would be the best for your business? Here are some possible extension options that you should try.

Sitelinks Extensions

Sitelink extensions are a simple but extremely effective AdWords tool. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced ad visibility
  • Up to six additional destination page links can be applied to specific content anywhere on your website
  • The additional links appear when the ad proves relevant to a search query
  • Provides potential customers with a shortcut to the relevant extension page on your website
  • Increased chance of an improved Click Through Rate (CTR) and
  • Controlled at the ad group or campaign level
  • Can be amended by you to suit special events, promotions, new campaigns etc
  • There’s no cost to add extensions to your campaign

Below are a couple of examples for illustrative purposes. In each case, the different site extensions take you to a different page on their website. For each company, these four different pages are in addition to their normal landing page that any potential customer would be taken to if they clicked on their headline.



Location Extensions

Location extensions allow for your business name, address and phone number to be displayed within an ad. When a potential customer clicks on the location extension, Google automatically brings up a map pinpointing your location. For most businesses, this is a useful and important extension as location plays a pivotal role when it comes to the relevance of any search query. Google is also keen to promote localisation so including this extension in your Adwords campaign will help improve your conversion rates.

Review Extensions

With review extensions, you can share positive write-ups, awards, or third-party rankings with potential customers. However, review extensions may not be suitable for all businesses, as there are a number of caveats, two of which are not being able to use individual personal reviews and any reviews must be less than a year old.

As with all extensions, reviews won’t show every time. There are a variety of factors that affect whether your review can show, including your bid, ad relevance, available space on the search results page, and other extensions or information.

Seller Rating Extensions

In addition to helping users identify highly recommended advertisers, seller rating extensions often provide a CTR lift to sellers who consistently deliver a positive online experience. Since 2012 Google only show seller rating extensions for advertisers that have at least 30 reviews over the last 12 months and a 4-star average – when this extension was first launched in 2010 it was based on a figure of 30 reviews over a lifetime.

I am Looking For Extensions

The “I am looking for” ad extension gives potential customers a drop-down navigation menu with links to specific sections of an advertiser’s web site. This is one of a number of extensions currently in beta testing, so is not available yet but indications are that if it is released it will provide a drop-down menu, in which searchers can choose from a number of options to refine their search within your website before clicking through to it. Potentially this is good news for improving your Rate of Return as searchers are more likely only to click through if you are offering something they are really interested in.

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