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Benefits of Keyword Research Tools

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The keywords that you choose for your web pages and your pay-per-click campaigns have a major influence on the success of your Search Engine Optimization campaigns. So, it is worthwhile spending some time on the selection process when writing the text for your web pages or updating existing text, otherwise, you could be missing out on potential customers.

There are a number of keyword database providers out there that enable you to get access to important keywords that can help deliver targeted visitors to your website. Tools now available on the market can calculate the number of monthly searches. However, they do not all work in the same way, so you need to select the one that you think will best suit your needs and budget.

For instance, Google’s keyword tool shows estimates of ad impressions; other providers’ tools may show the number of searches based on just the sample that they can access, as opposed to the actual number of monthly searches. Whatever tool you use will help you judge the relative popularity of a particular keyword or long-tail keyword. To help with budgeting some tools out there now are capable of displaying the estimated costs per click. However, do bear in mind that your actual bid price may vary, as it depends on the selected Google AdWords match type and your website. But this estimated information can be useful when comparing the likely effectiveness of alternative keywords and help with your selection process.

So, when trying to determine the best keywords to use for your website it is useful to have to hand a keyword suggestion tool that enables you to find the very best keywords for your web pages and your paid search campaigns. Remember, the better your keywords are, the greater the success of your SEO campaigns. However, at the end of the day, in order to reap the benefits of Keyword Research Tools, there are three golden rules to follow when it comes to the use of keywords/long-tail keywords, which are:

  • They must be relevant to the content of that page of your website,
  • The page must not be stuffed with them – it is best to choose preferably one, at most two relevant keywords/long-tail keywords per page, and
  • Do not repeat them more than three times in the content of a page.

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