• Design Process

    Graphic Design on the go!

  • Colour Fundamentals

    Learn all about colour for use
    in print and web design.

  • Scaleable Illustrations

    Create corporate branding &
    leaflets that communicate effectively

  • Illustration Infographic

    Learn graphic design theory & practice.

  • Brochure Design

    Adobe InDesign helps you combine graphics,
    illustration and images with ease!

Adobe InDesign Advanced

Adobe InDesign Advanced

Adobe InDesign is the leading professional design layout programme used by Graphic Design professionals worldwide. On this course you will also explore essential InDesign shortcuts, workflow management and receive hints and tips from experienced InDesign professionals.

This course wil provide a refresher on InDesign including any new features and move on to more advanced layout and typographical controls, colour and working with long documents, creating interactive content and much more.

Throughout the 2 days the emphasis is on practical, hands-on learning with a series of exercises designed to consolidate new skills and build confidence.

At the end of the course there will be an overview of the newer apps that work with Adobe InDesign and can be used to create interactive documents, books, magazines including EPub, HTML, DPS and Publish Online.

  • You Will Learn

    • Advanced text and graphics handling
    • Working with tables & images in tables
    • Using libraries, snippets and mini-bridge
    • Streamlining repetitive tasks
    • Workflow management
    • Create complete document artwork
    • Create print or web PDFs for distribution
    • Create & distribute online forms
    • Create & repurpose with InDesign
    • Design on the Go
  • Course Outline

    Advanced text handling

    Using the Info panel
    Creating & using glyph sets
    Inserting special characters
    Advanced Find/Change options
    Track Changes feature
    Advanced text wrap options
    Hanging Text

    Working with tables

    Creating tables
    Adding text and graphics
    Importing from Word or Excel
    Formatting & Editing tables
    Headers and footers
    Images in Table Cells

    Type Formatting

    Advanced nested styles
    Understanding First Line styles
    Controlling headings alignment
    Creating balanced headline
    Paragraph Rules
    Hyphenation & Justification
    Using Quick Apply
    Spanning text across columns
    Splitting text into columns
    Creating footnotes
    Controlling bullets or numbering

    Combining Text and Graphics

    Efficient use of Mini-Bridge
    Creating object styles
    Text frames and text wraps
    Anchoring objects
    Advanced text wrap options
    Layer visibility options
    Live Caption feature

    Working with Documents

    Creating multi-page spreads & master pages
    Different sized pages within one document
    Controlling spread pagination
    Automatic layout adjustments
    Sections and Auto-Page Numbering
    Auto-Content Pages

    Longer Document Features

    Using table of contents
    Creating a table of contents style
    Editing a table of contents
    Creating Indexes

    Working with Shapes

    Adjusting path segments
    Working with stroke styles
    Using Live Corner effects
    Compound paths & pathfinder

    Advanced Colour

    Working with colours from EPS or PDF files
    Managing Colour Swatches
    Using Colour Themes & Adobe Color
    Use Ink Manager
    Importing/Exporting ASE files

    Using Libraries and Snippets

    Using libraries
    Using CC Libraries
    Working with snippets
    Libraries vs snippets

    Advanced Transparency

    Flattening transparency artwork
    Guidelines for successful output
    Using the Transparency Flattener Preview

    Working with Data merge

    Creating data sets
    Formatting data merge
    Importing & Merging data

    Printing and export options

    Setting /saving print presets
    Using pre-defined PDF presets
    Creating and editing presets
    PDF's for Web & Print
    Publish Online*

    Interactive Documents

    Adding Video & Sound
    Exporting interactive PDFs
    Cross media authoring
    Creating Interactive Presentations
    EPub Format, DPS & Publish Online

    Creating Online Forms

    Form Fields & Field Types
    Form Actions

    Design on the Go

    Using Adobe Comp
    Syncing Comps to inDesign

    Overview & Discussion Session

  • Who Should Attend?

    Anyone who currently uses InDesign and wants to take their skills to the next level, learn new features and generally improve productivity through a streamlined workflow.

    • Book and Magazine Publishers
    • Marketing Personnel creating more complex documents
    • To Create Interactive Documents/li>
    • Printers and Publishers and Designers
  • Takeaways

    On this tailored one to one course you will learn how to work efficiently and productively learning the tools and skills you will need to impress in the workplace and advance your career.

  • Testimonials

    The tailored adobe creative courses were a perfect option to provide clear & focused learning in. 1-1 tutoring really allowed me to focus on applications that I use day to day. I have been able to use my new-learned skills straight away, the team are encouraging & more than happy to answer any questions I call them up with.
    Danielle Barry – Grupo Codorniu
    Perfect choice! Classroom great! Fantastic people and facilities! They were very welcoming everyday, so I looked forward to the course very much!

For those seeking to create completely interactive InDesign documents for online delivery but not necessary some other advanced features, look at the Adobe InDesign Interactive or EPub courses.

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Training Information

Training typically starts at 9.30am and finishes at approximately 4.30pm each day.
Courses include lunch & refreshments, course notes and UNLIMITED post-training email support.

For Tailored courses we can adjust the timings to suit the individual or group.

Online training can be taken at a prearranged time and date and typically is for a one or two hour session.

For more information contact us on 01732 833004 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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