• Labels & Packaging

    Illustrator is ideal too for creating
    for labels and packaging.

  • Seamless Patterns

    Learn how to create seamless patterns
    for textiles, wallpapers and more.

  • Scaleable Illustrations

    Create memorable infinitely
    scaleable illustrations.

  • Illustration Infographic

    Infographics for exhibitions,
    packaging, design and presentations.

  • Portfolio Website

    Illustrate with ease!

    All these images were created on one of our Illustrator courses...

Create Infographics

The course will explore different infographic styles, tools to create infographics and develop content all the way to the point of design.

You will learn:

• Why Infographics can be so compelling
• Sourcing Copyright Free Infographics
• What Tools are Used to Create Infographics
• Using Type in a Creative Way
• Which Software to Use


No previous experience is required to attend this course.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to improve the visual content and quality of their documents and communicate sometimes complex data in a visual way. Particularly relevant to those producing Presentations in Powerpoint of Keynote. If you would like to also learn how to create the infographics, we recommend attending either the one day Infographics with Illustrator or our two day Adobe Illustrator Introduction course will provide a more in-depth understanding of Illustrators drawing and design tools.

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Training Information

Training typically starts at 9.30am and finishes at approximately 4.30pm each day.
Courses include lunch & refreshments, course notes and UNLIMITED post-training email support.

For Tailored courses we can adjust the timings to suit the individual or group.

Online training can be taken at a prearranged time and date and typically is for a one or two hour session.

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