Adobe Photoshop Essentials

On this two day Adobe Photoshop Essentials course you will learn the essential tools and techniques to acquire or import your photos, explore editing, adjustments and cropping images. Export and save your completed work in the correct format for web or print.  "Real-world" examples will demonstrate the most practical approach to editing photos.

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, a graphic or web designer, illustrator, artist, an architect or 3D artist then Photoshop should be part of your digital arsenal.

  • What You Will Learn

    • Acquiring Images
    • Opening or Importing Photos
    • Combining Text & Graphics
    • Resize And Crop Images
    • Work With Layers
    • Basic Retouching Techniques
    • Use Colours & Web Safe Colours
    • Optimising Photos
    • Save Images for Web And Print
  • Course Outline

    Introducing Adobe Photoshop
    Working With Editing Tools & Panels
    Working With Images
    Resize & Crop An Image
    Working with Colour
    Using Guides & Rulers
    Retouching Techniques
    File Formats & Exporting Images
    Painting Tools
    Using Photoshop Filters
    Working With Text
    Working With Layers
    Non Destructive Editing
    Using Paths
    Beyond the basics
    Photoshop Plugins

    For an expanded view of what is covered download the PDF below.

  • Who Should Attend?

    Anyone who wants to learn to make the most of the tools in Photoshop and export images for print, broadcast or the web.

    Aimed at those with little knowledge or photo and image preparation but who need to be able to prepare images for use in other applications or for specific needs - such as photos for brochures, leaflets or images for use on the web and those who want to understand the essential tools and techniques to work with Photoshop and use it with confidence.

  • Takeaways

    You will gain a fundamental grounding in using this software to create, edit and modify photos and graphics with confidence

    • Enhance your images
    • Carry out basic selections for retouching or changing an image
    • Combine and merge images
    • Optimise your images for other programs or uses
    • Export images in an appropriate format
    • Become confident and productive

Explore Adobe Photoshop Pro further with the tailored one to one course where you can focus on your specific projects and images to learn in greater depth the editing and retouching tools.


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