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Adobe Acrobat Pro – Why Use Bookmarks?

Written by adminCGT on .

All too often the use of bookmarks in documents is overlooked. This is particularly so with PDF documents. But why use bookmarks in a PDF, what purpose do they serve?

Adobe Acrobat Pro Bookmarks are a valuable tool to enable readers of your PDFs to quickly navigate to a section of a document that may be of particular interest. This is why bookmarks should be used more frequently.

Bookmarks are ideal for making full use of a table of contents or another index that is clearly visible wherever you are in the document. If you have a newsletter, magazine or even a book, with or without a table of contents, they are ideal to enable you to go straight to the particular article of interest without having to either scroll down or type in the page number you are looking for. Bookmarks can also be used to highlight certain phrases or words used in a particular section of a PDF that a reader may wish to readily find. Moreover, once the bookmark pane has been opened all the bookmarks are clearly visible, so you can quickly navigate between them, without having to go back to the start of the document to view the contents page.

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